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Subject: Hoop Dreams m/m
Date: 6 Sep 1997 16:46:44 GMTNote: If you offended by gay, male sexual situations, please avoid
the following story.
Hoop Dreams - Part 3
by UnderboyNight had fallen. The light of the moon shined through my blinds with
streams of blue beams falling upon my white sheets and our naked bodies.
Rudy had gotten his rest and was now ready for his turn. As we began
another frenzied session with a passionate kiss, our arousal returned
with the idea of switching roles. Now Rudy would be the top since that
was my promise in order to take his virginity. He pulled me to him
firmly and squeezed my ass Lolita Dresses as I felt his enlarged organ press against
my pelvis."I can't wait to fuck you, David," he whispered.Rudy was a tiger. I had the distinct feeling that his role reversal was
psychological as much as sexual. After all, I had convinced him to let
me fuck him in the first place. Even though he admitted that it was an
incredible experience, I'm sure he felt a little guilty or humiliated for
giving in to his inhibitions at the expense of the macho sensibilities to
which he clinged all his life. A man's first time getting fucked in the ass
has a tendency to do this. It seemed as though he wanted to exorcise
his closeted Lolita Dresses demons and use me his holy receptacle. He was very
aggressive as he was about to dominate me for his first time with him as
the active partner. I was the passive recipient of Rudy's psychological
atonement as well as his dick. Rudy took full advantage of the situation
and I was quite willing to indulge his catharsis.We kissed each other's naked flesh on the bed and felt our rejuvenated bodies
rub together, growing increasingly excited.
"Now it's your turn, buddy. Are you ready for me to fuck you?" Rudy smiled.
"I'm ready for you, Rudy. How do you want me?"
"On your knees, David."I stood up on my knees waiting for Rudy's next move. It was interesting to
see how this inexperienced buck would engage me.
"Like this?" I asked.
"Perfect. Where's that lube?"Rudy moved behind me also on his knees and placed his hand on
my shoulder as he searched for the tube. He found the KY and squeezed
some on his hand. He slowly applied it on his fully inflated cock, jacking
himself methodically. He pulled me tightly to his chest and began kissing
my neck. He felt my smooth torso and pinched my brown tits as he lubed
his shiny tool. Rudy squeezed out a little more of the lubricant and reached
inside the dark crack of my spongy cheeks. His warm Lolita Dresses
hand felt wonderful
as it slid within my round ass and spread the slick gel liberally. As he
probed my ass, his finger found my tight hole and pierced it gently. I
moaned as the first digit slid just Lolita Dresses inside my bud and slowly slid inside.
Rudy wanted to get a sense of just were my orifice was before he
penetrated me with his impatient organ."You like that don't you?"
"Oh, yeah," I moaned.He removed his finger and held me tighter against him. He placed his
hand on the side of my face and turned my head back to his as he
plunged his tongue deep inside my mouth. He reached for his quivering
pole and ran it between my curvaceous cheeks. I felt his huge stick
slide between my legs and up and down my slick crack. I moaned as
I kissed him and sensed his rigid prick about to enter my waiting hole.
As Rudy probed around my ass, he found my puckered entrance and
placed the tip of his stiff member before it."I'm gonna fuck you now, David," Rudy said between kisses.
"Fuck me then," I urged.He then thrust slightly forward barely penetrating my hole. The sting of Rudy's
cock caused me to cry a muffled groan as he held my head and kissed me
harder. He pushed forward once again and his thick muscle slid further inside
my black tunnel. Though he was halfway inside me, the pain of his entry had
not subsided. I could not remember the last time I had been fucked but it was
enough time that my ass was quite tight. And I certainly never had a dick the
size of Rudy's penetrate me before."I'm inside your ass now. Do you like it?"
"Yeah. Go deeper," I whispered.Rudy continued to kiss me as briefly removed himself before applying more
of the jelly to his erect spear. He quickly inserted his brown meat into my
ass once more, and then in a single, hard thrust he slid his entire 8 inch
length inside my taking anus."Aaahhgg!" I screamed.
"I'm all the way up your ass, David. Now you're gonna get fucked,"
Rudy announced proudly.I cried loudly as my tight hole painfully gave way Lolita Dresses
and accepted Rudy's enormity
inside me. He held me tightly and began to pump his sharp arrow repeatedly
into my rubbery ass. The pain slowly decreased as my taught hole began to
stretch and accommodate his inflated hose. I felt his wide flesh slide deep
inside me. Rudy held my manly breasts with both hands and pumped into
me faster as we both stood up on our knees, locked together by our mutual
intercourse. His fleshy cock now made it's natural way along my anal tract
displacing the pain with ecstasy. Rudy's thrusting hips shoved my ass forward
and my solid prick bounced in the air as he now slid in and out of me with
The pleasure of his slick member began to rise as I felt my body tingle
with arousing sensations. Now Rudy was fucking me wildly, experiencing
the same joy I had with him."I love fucking you, David. I love your tight ass," Rudy exclaimed.
"Your big cock feels so good inside me. Don't stop."Rudy's warm hands wandered aimlessly about my chest as our bodies pressed
together while he pumped me from behind. I turned my head back again kissing
him as I grasped his hot ass and pulled him deeper inside my welcoming hole. I
could feel the head of his steel rod pushing my bowels forward with each
He reached down and grabbed my throbbing erection and jerked it firmly as he
thrust harder inside my jutting ass. I loved the soft feel of his firm
chest rubbing
against my flexing back as he held me tightly. The bed shook intensely as Rudy
rocked my taking body as his pelvis struck my bouncing butt repeatedly. He then
braced his himself on my shoulders and leaned me forward as if riding a wild,
bucking horse. He pounded his hips endlessly against my shaking rear end."You like me fucking your ass, don't you?"
"Ughh. I love you inside me, Rudy."Rudy was now exacting his psychological revenge on my weary body with
his vulgar speak and aggressive moves but I enjoyed all of it. I felt his tight
grip on my shoulders as he plunged into my body harder than any man I had
been with. He sure learned how to fuck with all those girls and now I was
joining their ranks. I could not believe Rudy's wealth of energy and youthful
stamina. As I looked back I saw every muscle in his body flex and strain as
he pummeled my body unabatedly. His hair bounced as he flung his head
back. His hips gyrated forward with pulsing thrusts slapping my ass loudly."Want more, David? Do you want more of my big cock up your ass?"
"Oh, yeah, Rudy. Fuck my tight ass. Fuck me."Rudy thrust my body forward and as my hands landed upon my bed,
I found myself on all fours while he continued jousting his solid lance
inside me. He held onto the fleshy orbs of my ass and plunged forward."Now your my bitch!" Rudy proudly exclaimed. "How do you like it, bitch?"I simply moaned with pleasure and absorbed his verbal assault while my
body jolted forward. My pointy erection bounced erratically and my balls
swung loosely and as he rocked me like a dog unchained after lifetime of
constraint. And I was his bitch. I looked back again and saw Rudy's tense
face wincing then smiling as he slammed into my writhing body. I reached
back for his undulating cheek and drew him inside me as I took him on
my hands and knees."Oh, you love getting fucked. You're glad I'm fucking you."
"Fuck me harder. Rip me open, Rudy!"I felt the strain on my hands as they pushed forward bunching the blankets
in wrinkled folds. I raised my tired ass high into the air to meet his
thrusts. He rubbed my back and then grabbed my shoulders tightly,
using them to wedge himself deeper inside my bowels. My head fell into the
thick pillows and I frowned with joy as he plowed my body even harder.
He leaned forward and took a firm grasp of my rock hard muscle and
jacked me while he plunged repeatedly into my aching ass. Rudy's intense
sexual tone was degrading yet exhilarating as he massaged my anal cavity
unlike any experience in my recent memory.Rudy then lunged upon my perspiring back and hugged my chest as he rolled
me to my side and continued the incessant fuck. He lifted my leg into the air
and watched his long pole slide inside my pink orifice. He jerked me harder
and fucked me deeper as I turned back to meet his lips once again. He
pinched my perky tits as his athletic ass bounced upon mine. Rudy now
pushed all my buttons as the combination of our tongues sliding, my dick
getting jacked and my ass totally getting rocked brought me to the limit. I
could no longer contain myself and warned Rudy of my forthcoming orgasm."Uhh, Uhh. Fuck, Rudy. I can't hold it. I'm cumming!"
"Shoot it, David. Shoot that load all over yourself."I felt the heightened intensity rise within the pit of my balls as Rudy
jacked and
fucked me. The extreme pleasure of this anal ecstasy detonated my orgasmic
bomb as I released my electric fluid. I felt the first bursting pulse of
the hot
stream shoot upon the length of my chest from my head to my stomach. The
next one caught Rudy right on the face as he watched intently. My continuous
shots scalded me and cascaded down my entire torso as he jerked out every
last bit of my white cream.Rudy released my expended cock and tasted the warm drops of my cum on
his finger and lips while he pumped my ass until he was ready to play out his
first-time manfuck. The salty taste of my dripping juice pushed Rudy closer
to his boiling point as he removed his raw-skinned tool from my worn hole and
jerked himself wildly between my legs. His teeth clenched tightly and his head
flew back as he reached his tumultuous orgasm."Uhhg, Dave, I'm cumming. Ohh, baby, ohh--"Rudy finally Lolita Dresses released his rising climax and began to spew his infinite
load upon
me like a fire hose unleashed. His body shook wildly as his initial burst flew
over my head and onto the pillows. Again he shot his hot, white ropes upon
my face and all over my Lolita Dresses neck and chest. Still more landed on my balls and
between my legs. His glistening spew showered my body like a warm waterfall
until he had expended himself. His content expression evidenced his sexual
satisfaction. As the last bits of cum dribbled out of his still rigid
flesh, Rudy
scooped up a handful of the mixed juice on my chest and brought it to my face,
shoving it in my mouth and smearing it all over my skin. I excitedly tasted the
vaporous liquid on my tongue and pulled Rudy's face to mine, kissing him as
we exchanged our white thickness together.As we disengaged our wet lips, our exhausted bodies fell back on the soft
pillows. Rudy had now released the demons of his repressed psyche forever.
I was more than happy to have been his "sexorcist"."Are you okay, David?" Rudy asked with concern.
"Yeah, Rudy. That was intense. You really rocked me."
"Sorry I went so hard on you. I don't know what came over me. Did I hurt you."
"A little, but It's okay. I think Lolita Dresses I'll be walking like John Wayne for a
while, but
it was worth it. And I think you just needed to let Lolita Dresses loose."
"Me, too. I really liked fucking you. I needed to get that out of my system.
But to be honest, I think getting fucked left a bigger impression on me."
"Literally," I quipped.
"Just seeing you take it in the ass right made me want to get it again."
"Easy, Tiger. I think we've both had enough for one night. Besides my dick's
about to fall off."
"Okay, I'll try to wait," Rudy said as he leaned Lolita Dresses back. "Man, if Gary and
Dwayne could see me now. I wonder what they would say."
"Do you think they have the same curiosity as you?"
"I'm not sure but I have a strong feeling they do. I've caught both
of them checking me out. Then again, Gary comes off really straight.
He's really cute. And Dwayne's not bad either. I wouldn't mind having
a little fun with either of them, especially Gary. I wish I could know for
"Leave it to me. I'll find out."
"I got you in bed didn't I?"
"Yeah, but Gary would never go for it. He's too straight."
"We'll see. Let's meet them for a game tomorrow and see what happens."
"Then what?"
"Let me worry about that."
"I can't even picture Gary with another guy, let alone getting fucked.
"Anything is possible."Rudy and I fell asleep together in my bed. As I lie with this beautiful
stud my side, I couldn't believe I really had my hoop dream. But I hoped he
wouldn't be the only Lolita Dresses one.
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Lolita Dresses
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Lolita Dresses
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